Ligeti - Six Bagatelles

Ligeti - Six Bagatelles (1953)

I – Allegro con spirito

II – Rubato, Lamentoso

III – Allegro grazioso

IV – Presto ruvido

V – Adagio, Mesto

VI – Molto vivace, Capriccioso

Ligeti's widely performed Six Bagatelles for wind quintet, originally from a set of 12 piano bagatelles, have recently become popular with saxophone quartets. Cleverly crafted, the short movements each have distinct characters, from the childlike bravado of the first to the thrusting interjections of the sixth. Ligeti seems to have constructed a wealth of variety and original ideas from what is in fact quite limited musical material. Although these effervescent flourishes are 'Ligeti-lite' as it were, they are nonetheless striking and memorable.