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  1. Syzygy heartily thank all at the ARC, Harlow for making the group so welcome last Friday at their lunchtime concert.  We were privileged to be the first saxophone ensemble in the concert series and received a very warm reaction from the audience.  It was a beautiful acoustic to play in and we do hope to return in the future.

  2. Syzygy's Neil McGovern will be performing with the fantastic Decibel ensemble on Tuesday 17th April, 7pm at London City University, details below:

    In this special portrait concert, the new music ensemble Decibel presents a high energy programme, displaying the full breadth of Ed Bennett's music, from wild and driving polyrhythmic workouts to delicate moments of stillness and quiet introspection. At the centre of the programme is a substantial recent work Togetherness which explores the possibility that working together whilst retaining our own unique and individual identities is the key to a brighter future. The concert will coincide with the release of Decibel's new album on the Diatribe label.


    Syzygy look forward to performing Ed Bennett's saxophone quartet in the near future as well.