Art Gallery performance: 2021 concerts

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Syzygy will be performing as part of the 2021 Perception: experimental weekend at the APT Gallery, Deptford on Saturday 5th May, some time after 5pm.

Performing in galleries has been a very enjoyable experience for Syzygy over the years. The marriage of music and visual art is an interesting one. The possible connections can seem infinite and yet pinning down exactly why any particular piece of music relates to any particular painting, say, is actually very difficult without falling into the vague waffle that so often seems to accompany both art forms in descriptions and programme notes respectively. The artefact in the visual arts exists as a fixed entity but music can only be experienced over a period of time. A chaotic painting might be brought to life by chaotic music, and the advent of MTV certainly enabled (often very synthetic) music to be enhanced by the visual. Music's collaboration with other art forms is interesting and not without controversy, so come to Deptford on Saturday 5th May and find out how Syzygy attempt to resolve the problem.